Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sandglow Marinas - Gone to China 7" (1983)

This is a British synth group that didn't release anything else but this one single with the exception of their song "Power of TV" that was on the first Tyger Annual compilation.

"Power of TV" is, by far, my favorite song from that compilation and I had to seek out anything else they did which ends here.  Neither song on this records holds a candle to Power of TV but both are likeable new wave tunes.

I included Power of TV with this download so you can compare yourself.

[YouTube is not letting me embed right now but you can hear Power of TV HERE.]

A - Gone to China
B - Sue of Harrow
* - Power of TV


Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Geekais - Nincompoop (1988)

British band that sounds at times like they were influenced by the  Dead Milkmen, The Higsons, and maybe a bit of Pigbag. It's kinda punk, kinda funky.

1 Head Hunting in Toytown
2 Finney County
3 Fool for All Seasons
4 Wicka
5 Jittery City
6 Dance of the Sperm

Listen to "Head Hunting in Toytown".


The Reign - Fine Line 7" (1988)

These guys were from Houston, Texas. They put out this 7" that I really like, then they released a full length in the early 90s that I didn't care for.
"Fine Line" starts out with a mod beat and a saxophone that sounds a little too upbeat and happy but then the vocals come in and it just works. This sounds like the sort of thing that was popular in Australia at the time with bands like Mi Sex and V Spy V Spy.

A - Fine Line
B - Armageddon


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pascal Boidart - Never Land 12" EP (1986)

Another California release recorded in Beverly Hills. I have no idea who Pascal Boidart is but a Google search brings up the name as a television editor in L.A.

I had this record for years and never really paid much attention to it but only recently have I gave it another spin and realized how great it actually is. Four excellent tracks of new wave rock.

1 The Land of Silence
2 The Ocean
3 Rule
4 Cocktail and a Zest of Lemon

Listen to "Cocktail and a Zest of Lemon"


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Odd Numbers - About Time (1990)

The Odd Numbers put out several albums and singles but this is their first album. Their sound has been consistent throughout their existence. They nail the mod sound when they want to but then they do those songs that sound like 50% The Jam + 50% Ramones (later era Ramones).

I don't have all of their stuff but I do have a lot of it. I'm just posting this one because I saw this on eBay:

The seller is allowing offers but there are several copies on Discogs right now for as low as $12.00.

1 Don't Bother Me
2 Little Kings and Queens
3 It Makes no Difference
4 In This World
5 She Made Me Shake
6 The Getaway
7 About Time
8 Holiday
9 Get in the Groove
10 Good as Gold
11 If I Only Had You
12 Sweet Soul Music

  DOWNLOAD from Mediafire

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Shot Black & White - Life of Crime 12" (1987)

This is yet another one of those things that I bought thinking it was a ska record. Shot Black & White has a full-length album called "Understand" that was posted on Tone and Wave HERE which was entirely ska so it was natural to assume that the EP they released a year prior would also be ska, but nope, no ska at all on this one.

A - Life of Crime
B - Beautiful

DOWNLOAD from Mediafire

Wet Picnic - Balls Up EP (1982)

1 Cocktailed Sky
2 She Don't Care
3 Are You in Touch?
4 Tensions
5 He Believes

Listen to "Are You In Touch?"

DOWNLOAD from Mediafire

va You Pick One - A Michigan Sampler 7" (1984)

A1 - Angry Red Planet - Make Me Laugh
A2 - Enforcers - Rude Girl
A3 - GCMS - Burnout
B1 - The Fury - Guild of Pain
B2 - GCMS - The Group Song
B3 - Private Angst - Act Normal

DOWNLOAD from Mediafire