Saturday, April 23, 2022

Henry's Final Dream

 This was a British college band whose sound could be described as experimental power pop with a saxophone. These are their only two releases (as far as I can tell) and each one starts off with a song that demonstrates that they were capable of writing a decent pop song but then the other songs show that these guys were having fun and they were aware of the experimentalism of the new wave scene instead of just being a straightforward mod band. 

Henry's Final Dream - Indian Summer 7" (1980)

1 Indian Summer

2 Marketplace

3 Autumn

Henry's Final Dream - I Couldn't Jump 7" (1981)

1 I Couldn't Jump

2 If I Knew (What Love Was)

3 Wardrobe


Friday, April 22, 2022

The Pistons - Standing in the Rain 7" (1979)

 I bought this thinking I had found a long lost Pistons record but it turns out this is a different band who had released a couple other singles

The B-side is basic pub rock but the A-side is more quirky. Imagine if Tom Jones got his start in a garage band in 1977. 

I have no plans on getting the other two records. Not really my cup of tea but I'm hoping somebody out there appreciates it.

A - Standing in the Rain

B - Raised on Rock'n Roll