Saturday, November 13, 2021

Newmadic - Newmadic (2001)

One of the difficulties I have with this blog is that I said I would only post things that aren't available anywhere else online. I think I have to go against that rule. I have lots of great rarities that I rip and I  intend to post but then I do a Google search and I find that the band has a presence on Amazon or YouTube or somewhere else online. I take the time to rip it and scan the covers and all of that but I feel like I shouldn't post it because it's already available somewhere else. 

The truth is that even if it is already available somewhere else you probably wouldn't know or even care. This blog is not about giving out free music. It's about informing you of bands that you might not have known about otherwise. So I'm breaking my own rules and I'm going to start posting whatever the hell I want regardless if it shows up in a Google search from a blog that stopped posting in 2012 or not. 

This post here is in honor of my old rules. I cannot find anything about this release or this band anywhere online. They are from New Jersey and this probably their only release. I would call it a straightforward rock and roll album. The last song is a rock-n-reggae song but the rest is just rock and roll.

1 Liquid Sunshine

2 No Reply

3 30 Moons

4 Your Way with Me

5 Karmic Bankruptcy

6 We ain't Done Yet

7 Spark Up the J