Monday, February 21, 2022

va Zombi Rock (1987)


This is a compilation cassette from Italy. It's a selection of bands who really didn't release anything outside of this compilation and this label didn't release anything but this tape.

A couple of bands had some success - Strike is probably the most successful but Madhouse also released a few things. 

The other bands can only be heard on this compilation which can be described as post-punk/goth/metal with some hard rock (think early AC/DC)  and even some minimal synth. I mean very minimal amateur synth. 

I think the bands Shark Beat and Room 101 had some real potential (even though Shark Bite's song was a cover).

1 Purple Flashes - This is My Right

2 LTD - Watchout

3 The Strike - What'd You Say?

4 Pin Up - Euroamericans

5 Shark Beat - In the Midnight Hour

6 Sub Way - I Can't Wait 

7 Madhouse - Madhouse

8 Overthrow Rags - Comunque Duri

9 Chain - Dead Garbage

10 Room 101 - Blood

11 Mabel Violet - Mabel Violet

12 Radio On - Radio On

13 Restless - Make Up



Saturday, February 19, 2022

Max Headroom and the Car Parks

 This British band put out a great ska 7" in 1980 (Don't Panic / Rhythm and Blue Beat) and then, two years later, they released this single which seems to be their last recording. 

It's hard rocking / post punk / power pop. I don't know what to call it. Too punk for power pop. Not punk enough for punk. Certainly not ska. Lots of 'guitar wank' as I have heard it called. 

A - Soldier

B - For Want of a Four-Letter Word


I included the ska 7" in the download. Now you have their entire discography. All four songs - as far as I know. If I'm wrong, please let me know.