Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Satanic Jamaican Cowboy - Slay the Angels (1996)

 Quirky 90s experimental  music inspired by country, funk, soul, and 90s dance music with two songs acknowledging Jimi Hendrix and all but two songs driven by a drum machine and the proper use of a kazoo and even one ska song. That sort of thing. Very underground 90s sound with very little funk. 

1 Landlord (remix)

2 Slow Cheese Tango

3 That's all You Need to Know

4 Cross Town Traffic

5 Is That Real Fruit on Your Head?

6 Waiting for the Lions

7 Gandhi's Dream

8 Is that Seat Taken?

9 Shut Up and Dance

10 Remember Jimmy

11 S.J.C. Theme Song