Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Quentins - Take it all Back (7" flexi 1991)

 The Quentins was a teenage high school band from Britain who played gigs in the South East in the late 80s/early 90s. They recorded this flexi in a bedroom when the singer was about 16 or 17 years old.
After they recorded this 2-song flexi they recorded a 6-song demo tape that nobody has. One of the songs from the demo tape appeared on a compilation called "Teeny Boppers" that was released in France by a label called Anorak Records.

I have included the song from that compilation "Haven't You Heard" in this download.

I have a copy of the single and this rip is from my own record but my copy doesn't have the artwork which was done by Rachael Holoborow who co-founded the Slampt label. (And she was in the band Red Monkey) so I respectively stole the images from Discogs.

The Quentins guitarist A.J. MacRae and bassist Karl Wirrmann moved on to form the ska band Intensified.  

1 Take it all Back

2 Let Down

3 Haven't You Heard?

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Randy Mason - Demo Tape (1991)

 Randy Mason is from New York. She plays guitar, she writes music, and she sings. But she's no "singer-songwriter" she's more of an iconic lead singer for a band that just never really happened when the environment was fertile. 

This demo tape is from 1991 and the sound is too professional sounding for a demo tape. 

As far as I know the only official release that she did was a 5-song EP from 1998 called "Halfway, Through the Night" and a song called "The River Runs" that she released in 2017. 

You can hear the EP and the single here. I see no evidence of this demo tape anywhere online. None of the songs from this tape are on the other releases except for the song "Black Dove" which was re-recorded. 

She's not only a musician but she's also a writer.

 She wrote a novel that was released in 2018 called "Falling Back to One"

She made a trailer for her book:



Check out her OFFICIAL SITE (which doesn't mention this demo tape at all). 



(Don't call the number on the tape. It's from 1991. You know damn well this isn't her number anymore.)

1 The Sapphire's Time

2 Black Dove

3 Without Love

4 Oriel

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Monday, October 9, 2023

va What's Happening Now (1986)

 This was a cassette release that featured all four songs recorded by the band Man Without Future. They released a 7" but both songs on the single are on this tape. Same recordings.

1 Man Without Future - Easy Way

2 Man Without Future - Over Your Shoulder

3 Man Without Future - Well Listen to Me

4 Man Without Future - Why Did You Try?

5 The Baboons - Last Walz

6 The Baboons - Roses

7 The Baboons - Jackson

8 The Baboons - New Rubber Roll

9 The Hydrogen Candymen - Sand of Time

10 The Hydrogen Candymen - Little Peace of Love

11 The Hydrogen Candymen - Don't You Listen?



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Sunday, September 24, 2023

30 Foot Whipper - 30 Foot Whipper (1995)

 Post punk/pseudo grunge from this California band. 

1 Tom Song

2 Wrestle with Me

3 Lady in Red

4 Humble Me

5 End of the World

6 Rude Awakening

7 Lies

8 Empty One

9 Stop Thinking so Loud

10 Joshua Tree

11 Extra


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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Satanic Jamaican Cowboy - Slay the Angels (1996)

 Quirky 90s experimental  music inspired by country, funk, soul, and 90s dance music with two songs acknowledging Jimi Hendrix and all but two songs driven by a drum machine and the proper use of a kazoo and even one ska song. That sort of thing. Very underground 90s sound with very little funk. 

1 Landlord (remix)

2 Slow Cheese Tango

3 That's all You Need to Know

4 Cross Town Traffic

5 Is That Real Fruit on Your Head?

6 Waiting for the Lions

7 Gandhi's Dream

8 Is that Seat Taken?

9 Shut Up and Dance

10 Remember Jimmy

11 S.J.C. Theme Song



Sunday, June 25, 2023

No Regret - No Regret Demo Tape (199?)


This is just your typical 77-punk/post-punk/power pop band with a sprinkling of rockabilly and just a touch of ska band from Germany. All songs are in English.

This is a great band that I know nothing about. I don't even know what year it's from. I'm guessing early to mid 90s but who knows? It could be from 1985 or 2005. Hopefully somebody out there knows more about this band. Their song-writing ability is impressive. I hope they did more than this. 

1 Give it to Me

2 Kicking In

3 Bad in My Dreams

4 Lies

5 Beside You

6 Cause I Try

7 Come with Me




Saturday, June 24, 2023

M - Espionage Baby 7" (1979)


This is not the same band called M from the UK who did Pop Muzik. These guys were from California and I think this is their only release. Two proto-punk songs and one punk-reggae tune. The mastering is terrible and it almost sounds like a live-in-the-studio demo.  

A - Espionage Baby

B1 - You've Been Had

B2 - Fast Food Suburbanite


Monday, June 19, 2023

The Meeting - Cuddling Time with The Meeting (1985)

 German new wave band with saxophone who did one great ska song called "City Nightmare" which appeared on this demo tape. I don't know of anything else they ever did aside from this tape and even though this band is from Germany and they played around 1984/1985 they are not the band who did The Most Mysterious Song.

1 City Nightmare

2 Jeanette

3 Smithers-Jones

4 Brain Train

5 'Cause Blue Notes are the Hepster's Style

6 Hopeless




Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Absentees - Confusion 7" (1983)

 This is a highly sought after rarity but it's really just a basic power-pop record. My copy isn't great - lots of crackles - but it might help you determine how high up on your wantlist you want this. 

A - Confusion

B - The Absentee