Thursday, January 26, 2023

va Stage Diving to the Oldies

 This CD is from 1995 and it's a compilation of California punk bands from the 80s. 

I have recently had three links removed for copyright violation (the Export Music Australia comp for example - Zippyshare link in the comments of that post) so I'm not putting a tracklist on this one. 




Tuesday, January 24, 2023

va Wreck Room


Wreck Room Volume 1 (1994)

1 Volebeats - Up North

2 Southern Culture On The Skids - My House Has Wheels

3 Alluring Strange - Walk Away

4 Michael Hall - When September Comes

5 Vulgar Boatmen - You Don't Love Me Yet

6 Southern Culture On The Skids - Lordy Lordy

7 Alluring Strange - Trashy Dog

8 Vulgar Boatmen - You're the One

9 Volebeats - Miriam

10 Wink O'Bannon - Cry Baby

11 Southern Culture On The Skids - For Lovers Only

12 Nine Iron - Is there Fuschia in You Future Felicia?

13 Volebeats - Goodbye

Wreck Room - Safe House Sampler Volume 2 (1995)

1 Bodeco - High Window

2 Lunachicks - Apathetic

3 Southern Culture On The Skids - Mudbuggy

4 Alluring Strange - Big Black Car

5 Nine Iron - Vandalism

6 Nine Iron - Theoretical Mind

7 Stranglmartin - Hello Wickedness

8 Half Japanese - Daytona Beach

9 Bodeco - Hard to Tell

10 Nine Iron - Coffee Shop

11 Ritual Tension - Stay Calm

12 Southern Culture On The Skids - Jack the Ripper, parts 1 & 2

13 Half Japanese - Little Records






Thursday, July 21, 2022

va Battle of the Bands (1982) [NEW LINK! Updated July 28, 2022]

 I, like you, usually find three or four good songs in a compilation and just kind of disregard the rest of the tracks. Sometimes I wonder why the person who put the comp together included that one, or two, crappy song(s) with the weird vocals and just assume the bass player for that band is the brother of the girl the compiler is banging at that time.  

This one is different. This one has three songs I don't like but the rest are all gems. 

Thin End of the Wedge plays a droning slow ballad with female vocals and annoying heavy metal guitar screeching in the background. 

The Popes is a little too Danceteria-in-1986 for my taste. New romance dance music. 

And It's a Tightrope sounds like three or four Bowie fans playing two or three different songs at the same time. It sounds like an unfinished song.


Now, despite the bad things I said about these bands, none of them are so terrible I have to skip them. I really can play this comp all the way through. 


There are some really great moments on here. The first track by The Crack is a got' damn classic. It's from their 1989 album  "In Search of..." and it's the best song on that record. That's not my opinion, that's a scientifically provable fact.


I originally got this record for the Andy Pandemonium song which isn't bad but I was happy to hear a Private I.D. song that I didn't have and the ska-inspired track by Southbound - whoever they are. 

Suspicious Minds by Mézzoforte is not a cover of the oldies tune but it's a mellow post-punk song with appropriate 80s new wave keyboard and just a slight twist of goth. Bingo Erotica by The Creamies is an odd choice because these guys only released one single in their days (this song isn't on it) but they did record a few other songs and this one is not really one of their best. It's not bad but they have better. I'll post them someday. The 3X song is the most mature song on the record. Well-composed power-pop with an MTV-worthy chorus.* MTV from 1982 I mean.

1 The Crack - Don't You Ever Let Me Down

2 Mézzoforte - Suspicious Minds

3 Andy Pandemonium - Digital Alarm Clock

4 The Creamies - Bingo Erotica

5 Freestate - Solitary Visions

6 This End of the Wedge

7 Shoot the Moon - Strawberry Fields Will Never

8 The Popes - Pope Music

9 The Feel Wasted Ground

10 Southbound - Keep on Winding

11 3X - Echo of Guilt

12 Private I.D.

13 It's a Tightrope - So





*I'm not really trying to see how many hyphens I can put in one sentence. I will someday but today is not that day.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Some Body - Arbeit Mächt Frei 7" (1985)


 I'm thinking that this band went a little above being offensive to the point that it ruined the band. The title of this single has nothing to do with their music but it was intentionally offensive. I don't think it worked out too well for them. Great effort though!

From Discogs: "Arbeit Mächt Frei" is this Cincinnati power punk band's second release, following the cassette-only "Something For". The record was banned from many retailers upon release, for it's provocative title as casual shoppers in consumer record stores missed the connection between the Nazi slogan, corporate America, and it's effects... The lead off track, "Bomblast" is a bouncy, happy-sounding ska-tinged song about screwing through a nuclear war to repopulate the earth, while the backing track "Rules of Order" is a dark turn on fascism, consumer culture and peer pressure, ironically predicting the effects of being banned (as this record soon would be!).

While the original color design was color, the release was black and white – copies sold at the release party came with an 8-pack of crayons! A few color covers exist, but most of these appeared more than 20 years later, as one-offs for the band members."

A - BomBlast

B - Rules of Order



Saturday, May 21, 2022

Paula Swann - Paula Swann LP (1982)

 Probably too hard rock for new wave/pop fans. Probably too new wave/pop for hard rock fans. Very rare nonetheless. 

Paula Swann was from California and I can't find any information about her. I'm assuming this is her only release.

1 I Want You Back

2 Comin' Down Like Rain

3 Too Rich

4 Traffic Hazard

5 Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

6 Jade Continental

7 Touch Tone

8 Juvenile Hall Brats

9 Beat Me, Whip Me

10 Love Potion #9



Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Numbers - The 4 Great Tracks (1989)

  Japanese punk - three punk songs and one ska/reggae track. . This is probably the only thing this band ever released.

My copy of the record looks pristine but it is very crackly. I tried to remove the crackles but it just isn't going to happen.

1 I Don't Submit

2 I Hate

3 Under Control

4 In that Week




Friday, May 6, 2022


 Zanoni was a punk/post-punk band from New York who played it straight. No keyboards or horns. Just guitar, bass, and drums and vocals that are more gothic than punk.

Their first release was the "Subway Devils" 7" in 1981 that sound like the rhythm from Mirror in the Bathroom with the guitars from the beginning of Holiday in Cambodia. It's a weird mix, especially with the goth vocals, but it really works. 

These two records are probably the only thing they released but there's no filler here. Every song is very well-written and performed with a sense of seriousness. 

Zanoni - Zanoni (1982)

1 Camouflage

2 To Entertain You

3 Stellazine by Starlight

4 Mothers Milk

5 Lately

6 Turn Your Will

Zanoni - Subway Devils 7" (1981)

A - Subway Devils

B - I Saw Your Face


The scans for the EP are my own but I don't have the cover for the 7" so I stole that image from the internet.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Henry's Final Dream

 This was a British college band whose sound could be described as experimental power pop with a saxophone. These are their only two releases (as far as I can tell) and each one starts off with a song that demonstrates that they were capable of writing a decent pop song but then the other songs show that these guys were having fun and they were aware of the experimentalism of the new wave scene instead of just being a straightforward mod band. 

Henry's Final Dream - Indian Summer 7" (1980)

1 Indian Summer

2 Marketplace

3 Autumn

Henry's Final Dream - I Couldn't Jump 7" (1981)

1 I Couldn't Jump

2 If I Knew (What Love Was)

3 Wardrobe


Friday, April 22, 2022

The Pistons - Standing in the Rain 7" (1979)

 I bought this thinking I had found a long lost Pistons record but it turns out this is a different band who had released a couple other singles

The B-side is basic pub rock but the A-side is more quirky. Imagine if Tom Jones got his start in a garage band in 1977. 

I have no plans on getting the other two records. Not really my cup of tea but I'm hoping somebody out there appreciates it.

A - Standing in the Rain

B - Raised on Rock'n Roll