Sunday, June 25, 2023

No Regret - No Regret Demo Tape (199?)


This is just your typical 77-punk/post-punk/power pop band with a sprinkling of rockabilly and just a touch of ska band from Germany. All songs are in English.

This is a great band that I know nothing about. I don't even know what year it's from. I'm guessing early to mid 90s but who knows? It could be from 1985 or 2005. Hopefully somebody out there knows more about this band. Their song-writing ability is impressive. I hope they did more than this. 

1 Give it to Me

2 Kicking In

3 Bad in My Dreams

4 Lies

5 Beside You

6 Cause I Try

7 Come with Me




Saturday, June 24, 2023

M - Espionage Baby 7" (1979)


This is not the same band called M from the UK who did Pop Muzik. These guys were from California and I think this is their only release. Two proto-punk songs and one punk-reggae tune. The mastering is terrible and it almost sounds like a live-in-the-studio demo.  

A - Espionage Baby

B1 - You've Been Had

B2 - Fast Food Suburbanite


Monday, June 19, 2023

The Meeting - Cuddling Time with The Meeting (1985)

 German new wave band with saxophone who did one great ska song called "City Nightmare" which appeared on this demo tape. I don't know of anything else they ever did aside from this tape and even though this band is from Germany and they played around 1984/1985 they are not the band who did The Most Mysterious Song.

1 City Nightmare

2 Jeanette

3 Smithers-Jones

4 Brain Train

5 'Cause Blue Notes are the Hepster's Style

6 Hopeless