Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Some Body - Arbeit Mächt Frei 7" (1985)


 I'm thinking that this band went a little above being offensive to the point that it ruined the band. The title of this single has nothing to do with their music but it was intentionally offensive. I don't think it worked out too well for them. Great effort though!

From Discogs: "Arbeit Mächt Frei" is this Cincinnati power punk band's second release, following the cassette-only "Something For". The record was banned from many retailers upon release, for it's provocative title as casual shoppers in consumer record stores missed the connection between the Nazi slogan, corporate America, and it's effects... The lead off track, "Bomblast" is a bouncy, happy-sounding ska-tinged song about screwing through a nuclear war to repopulate the earth, while the backing track "Rules of Order" is a dark turn on fascism, consumer culture and peer pressure, ironically predicting the effects of being banned (as this record soon would be!).

While the original color design was color, the release was black and white – copies sold at the release party came with an 8-pack of crayons! A few color covers exist, but most of these appeared more than 20 years later, as one-offs for the band members."

A - BomBlast

B - Rules of Order