Tuesday, October 27, 2020

va Meeting part 1 and 2

This is a compilation of Dutch new wave/pop bands. Very few of them recorded anything else. Jamback Affair released two albums (which I have if anybody decides they need to hear them). 


Zzipp has a 7" that I really love so I was looking for anything else they may have recorded and I found this series. I bought the first volume but the seller sent me the second volume by mistake. I decided to keep it and I bought the first one later.

There are a few good moments but nothing too captivating in either one.


Meeting (1985)

1 Jamback Affair - Peachy

2 Jamback Affair - 

3 Jamback Affair - The Party

4 Zzipp - You're Better Off with Me

5 Zzipp - Masochism

6 Zzipp - Groupie

7 Simplex Novum - Innerworlds

8 Simplex Novum - Scratches

9 Simplex Novum - Changing Times

10 Zenith - Division

11 Zenith - Thoughts

12 Zenith - Reminiscence



Meeting II (1986) 

1 Between The Sheets - Quasimodo

2 Between The Sheets - Nobody's Born to Lose

3 Between The Sheets - Somewhere

4 Crystal Dark - Observer

5 Crystal Dark - Roman Insanity

6 Crystal Dark - Colorful Ambitions

7 Jane Kelly - Desires

8 Jane Kelly - Heartbreaker

9 Jane Kelly - Endless Dream

10 The Big Sleep - Blue Moon

11 The Big Sleep - Skies are Burning

12 The Big Sleep - Just Before the End

DOWNLOAD Meeting and Meeting II

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Eighty Eights - Top of the World (1981)

 1 She Fell in Love with James Bond

2 Tragic Accident

3 Time Machine

4 Top of the World

5 Light Year

6 Channel Misery

7 Sorry Wrong Number

8 Mutiny

9 Don't Call Us

10 Checking Out

11 What Would Your Mother Say?


Monday, October 12, 2020

The Fabrics [Finland] - Complete Discography

The Fabrics existed only for a few years but they released a lot of material in that time. 

The band was started in 1979 by Tommi Läntinen who has since been in many other bands like Boycott, Rin Tin Tin, the blues-rock band Tommi & Hombre, Tom Dozen, and Kokoelmilla, not to mention a whole lot of solo releases.

Less than 4 years later the band broke up after releasing two albums, four singles, and a cover of the Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin'".

Both A and B sides of two of the singles are on the album Tonight so they weren't included in this download. Here's what is in this download:

Look at This (1980) - 9 track ska influenced debut.

Factory 7" (1980)


Tonight (1981) -
12-track full length that had their biggest hit "Summer is Fading"


Eskimoes and Chinese 7" (1982) 

Their final release before Tommi Läntinen and keyboardist Kim Trapp recorded another album as the band Rin Tin Tin.

DOWNLOAD all four Fabrics releases along with the song "Gimme Some Lovin'"

The Rin Tin Tin album "Swazi-Beat" sounds like it very well could have been The Fabric's third album. I was able to find it on a blog called AOR Night Drive but the link is from 2012 and a bit iffy so I re-upped it to Mediafire. 


DOWNLOAD Rin Tin Tin - Swazi-Beat (1984) 



As we are in day two-hundred-and-something of our two-week lock down to 'slow the spread' and 'flatten the curve', you have to appreciate that the guy on the cover of Tonight is respectfully wearing a mask.