Sunday, July 21, 2019

Writz - Writz (1979)

I think I have all of the Writz singles. I'm not sure - I'll have to check. But I do have their only album. The reason I'm posting this is because band leader Steve Fairnie has been in many bands and has put out lots of music but right after Writz he started a band called Famous Names that was basically the same band members as Writz. They had two official 7" releases that I think I have but I'm not sure - I'll have to check. As you can see HERE they recorded an album that was never released. That's why I'm making this post. Here is a crappy rip of that unreleased album by the Famous Names called "Venitian Blinds".

Writz - Writz (1979)
1 Night Nurse
2 Luxury
3 Swinging with the Reptiles
4 Drive Away
5 Super Heroes
6 Movies
7 Robberoni
8 Private Lives
9 TV Times
10 Muscle Culture

Famous Names - Venetian Blinds (1981)
1 Muscle Culture II
2 Observation
3 Techno Refugee
4 Blind Girl
5 Jack's Party
6 Change
7 Venetian Blinds
8 Dance On
9 Boy
10 Pain


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