Sunday, April 19, 2020


Atila was a California band that was something between no-wave and anarcho-punk with influences from every genre. Dub, country, funk, disco, Middle Eastern folk music. It's all there. It's noisy. It's terrible but, at the same time, enjoyable.

Their first release from 1981 was a self-titled 5-track 7" that was re-released as "Rocker" with a different cover.

The second release from 1982 was a 4-track 7" simply titled "2" (pictured above).

They released their first album in 1983. It was called "International Sandwich" and it was more a study in different styles and sounds than a serious attempt at songwriting.
Then they released their final offering in 1985. It's an 8-track album that has some of their best stuff. It's called "Looking for Love".
They had three songs on compilations but all three are available on these four recordings here so I believe this is everything the band ever released.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

va 91X Local Heroes

This is a compilation of local bands from San Diego from 1984.

1 Glory House - You'll Always be There (The Reading)
2 D-Fendants - Empty Pockets
3 Laws of Motion - Massive Doses
4 Shades of May - Distant Memories
5 Mojo Nixon with Skid Roper - Ain't Got Nobody
6 Marty Eldridge - Purple Heart
7 The Neat - In a Daydream
8 Playground Slap - Pictures of Age
9 The Beat Farmers - Lost Weekend / Happy Boy (live)

I'm not a big Mojo Nixon / Skid Roper fan so I don't know a lot about them but I think this song is unique to this record. I know Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper released a lot of other music and the Beat Farmers were pretty prolific but few of the other bands did anything else which is a shame. Laws of Motion released a 12" EP called "Check it in the Mirror". Shades of May only ever released that one song but they later changed their name to Red Flag and they have been releasing music continuously since their first album in 1989. 
The Playground Slap released an EP which is included in this download.
1 I Felt the Wind Blow
2 Thirst
3 The Ocean
4 Blue Funk
5 There's Repetition