Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Reply - All Good Things (1987)

This was a band from the US that played that punk/post-punk/power pop/mod/ska type of music. Guitar driven with noticeable keyboards. I forget where they're from - New York, or D.C., or some small island off the coast of Nebraska. Somewhere.
I remember they were known as a "ska" band but this record says otherwise. Maybe by 1987 ska wasn't in high demand so they chose to not record those songs.

From what I've heard this isn't their only release. Rumor has it that they put out a CD that includes these song with lots of other unreleased stuff. Anybody know anything about that? I've searched but found nothing except for the comment on Discogs that said the CD is for sale on Amazon. But it's not.

1 All Good Things
2 With a Purpose
3 Wake Up!
4 Work it Out 


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Lift the Lid

Rare Australian power pop

Lift the Lid - Keep Your Distance 7" (1987)
A - Keep Your Distance
B - Books 'n' Things (live)

Lift the Lid - Little by Little 7" (1988)
A - Little by Little
B - Stay with Us