Sunday, October 20, 2019

Click Clack

Click Clack (not to be confused with Click Click) was a Belgian new wave/synth pop band.
I first heard of them because I bought their "Ketchup" single and it was excellent. I was impressed with it and wanted to hear their other recordings. The song "Get Up" is almost on par with the Ketchup single but the rest of their stuff  kinda goes in a disco direction.
These four 7"s is everything they released with the exception of a song called "Never Got this Feeling" from a 1981 compilation called "Lof". I strongly believe that I have that compilation but I just can't find it right now. I may stumble across it and I may post it when I do find it, but I may not.

Click Clack - Gimme the Lights 7" (1981)
A - Gimme the Lights
B - Yocomototto

Click Clack - Get Up 7" (1982)
A - Get Up
B - Papa

Click Clack - Ketchup 7" (1982)
A - Ketchup
B - Theo

Click Clack - Hot Stuff 7" (1983)
A - Hot Stuff
B - Hot Stuff (instrumental)