Tuesday, March 21, 2023

4 Murders - Väinämöinen (1990)

 This was a band from Germany whose sound was somewhere between mod/power pop and early 90s alternative rock. With a horn section in some songs. All songs are sung in English. 

1 Think About the Past

2 Some Guys Know

3 Leave Me Alone 

4 Johnny

5 Seltsand

6 Short While

7 Happiness Like You & Me

8 Shades of a Mirror

9 Ignore Me

10 Ballad of Pete's Pissoir

11 Fac Mei Cant

12 The Date*

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*I have included The Date which is a bonus track that was not originally on this album. I think it's their best song.

Saturday, March 18, 2023


 Ken-Dang was a new wave/post punk from Bergen, Norway that was formed in the early 1980s by guitarist Odd Harald "Beinet" Hundvin, bassist Ronald Jensen, keyboard player/trombonist Morten Odéen (who had previously played in the group Blåfugl), vocalist Kjersti Bergesen (who had previously played in Ohms March and Parkens Grøde), and drummer Terje H. Hanssen who had previously played
in various swing, jazz, and big bands in the 1970s. The name Ken-Dang comes from the lead drum in Javanese gamelan music.

Ken-Dang made a name for themselves with a distinctive sound which was a combination of exotic Eastern rhythm patterns and British new wave. All songs are sung in English.

The song "Hours And Days" from the 1984 album Monsters & Miracles became a radio hit. 

Kjersti Bergesen left the band in 1985 and was replaced for a short period by Ine Tømmerås until 1986. Bergesen continued her music career in the band Secret Mission and took part in Langsomt Mot Nord's self-titled debut album in 1985, before she became a presenter on TV 2.

Ken-Dang - Ken-Dang 12" EP (1983)

1 War's Hell

2 Born in Borneo

3 Flowers in the Garden

4 Six Years Old

5 Faceless Figures


 Ken-Dang - Monsters & Miracles (1984)

1 Hours & Days

2 The Servant

3 She Goes to Few Parties

4 Monsters & Miracles

5 State Mate

6 No Choice

7 Sea of Sand

8 Computer Addicted People

9 My Mind Making

10 Human Factor


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